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What you get in each bedroom?

Each bedroom has a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and chair. 

What do you have to pay?

You will need to pay for your rent, obviously and utilities, i.e., gas, electricity, water and internet.

Who contacts the utility companies?

When you move in, we will take the meter reading and call the suppliers directly, they will set up a new account for you.

What if something goes wrong?

It’s in our interest to make sure that you are in a safe environment, therefore, if anything goes wrong or gets broken, we need to be told as soon as possible. Once you move into one of our properties, you will be given telephone numbers in the event of an emergency.

What about insurance?

Our property is insured and so are the belongings that come with the house, however, you will have to take out student insurance for your personal belongings as we are not responsible for them!

Is there a contract?

Every tenant will be required to sign a tenancy agreement and adhere to it’s conditions, a copy of which can be obtained on request.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is one month’s rent in advance.

Is there an admin fee?

NO ADMIN FEE! We keep costs down as we do all the work ourselves!

Who holds the deposits?

The deposits are held in a registered ‘Deposit Protection Scheme’, in line with UK legislation.

When do the deposits get returned?

All deposits are returned individually when the last person leaves and we have checked the condition of the property and it’s contents. We expect you to leave the property as you found it, if not, we will deduct the cleaning/repair charge from your deposits.

How often is the rent due?

Quarterly, in advance.

If we haven’t answered your questions, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone.